Non-pressure Solar Water Heating System ETC- 150LPD


Non-pressure Solar Water Heating System ETC- 150LPD

Packages Qty Description Qty
Box 1 No Solar Tank
Electric Heater
Anode Rod
Makeup Tank
Neoprene Rubber
Box 1 No Tubes 15
Box 1 No Stand with Fasteners 1

Additional information

Tank Model

150 Litres

Types of Systems

Evacuated Tube Collector

Functions of Systems


Tank Fabrication

TIG Welding

Tank Material

AISI 304 / 316 Thickness ranging from 0.5mm


AISI 304 / 316 Diameter ranging from 3/4" to 2" BSP

Outer Casing

PVDF / Colour Steel Plate

Tank Test Pressure

0.8 Kg/cm2

Tank Protection

Magnesium Anode Rod

Tank Insulation

PUF of Density 32kg/m3 with 50 mm Thick

Backup Electrical Heater


Collector Model


Tube Diameter

0 58 / 47 mm

Structure of Tubes

All glass twin tube co axial structure

Glass Material

High Borosilicate 3.3 mm Glass

Tube Length

1800 mm

No. of Tubes

15 Nos



Specific Absorption

as = 0.90 ~ 0.93 {AM 1.5 }

Emission Ratio

E = 0.05 ~ 0.075 { 800 + 50 C}

FAQ’s on Solar Water Heating System
1) What is Solar Water Heating System?
Ans:Solar Water Heaters is also called Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems is basically a natural method of conversion of sunlight into the heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. It’sa cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use is sunshine which is free and easily available.These systems are mostly used for the residential and industrial purposesbut now, they are being used in several other places too. There are different varieties of configurations available at varying cost to provide solutions in different type of climates.

2)Types of Solar Water Heaters Manufactured & Supplied by us.
Ans:At Digiflic Controls (India) Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture and supply
• Evacuated Tube Collector ETC
• Flat Plate Collector FPC

3) Which collector is better: flat plate or evacuated tube?
Ans: At Digiflic Controls (India) Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture and supply both types of technologies.
Flat plate collectors work very well in warm, sunny conditions, or they are popular in climates prone to freezing temperatures. Flat-plate collectors are insulated, weatherproofed boxes that contain a dark absorber plate under one or more glass or plastic (polymer) covers.
Evacuated tube collectors work very well in cold, cloudy or otherwise unfavorable conditions. They are more efficient in areas where diffuse radiations are more as compared to direct radiations climates. This is a wonderful solar product that is now being used in various sectors and industries to lower the electricity bills and also to contribute towards the environment.

4)Why Digiflic Solar Water Heating System?
Ans.Digiflic Controls (India) Pvt. Ltd.,manufacturesand supplies the best Solar Heaters. You can trust us easily for the quality and functionality of the product. So go ahead and now invest your bucks in the best Solar Water Heating System and contribute your part towards the environment.
Reasons for Choosing Our Brand:
• Directly From National Award Winning Manufacturing Company for Quality to the Customers, thereby getting Quality Product at 40% less than the market price.
• Product built with 10 liters capacity Makeup Tank which reduces your additional cost on Air vent with Hassel Free Service.
• Company is Certified by ISO 9001:2015, MNRE, CPRI, TUV, UL etc.
• In-Built Electrical Heater to provide hot water in Non-Sunny days, thereby avoiding additional investment on Electrical Geyser.

5) Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electricity?
Ans: Solar should not be seen as a alternative to gas or electricity, but rather a supplement. Solar cannot totally replace the need for gas or electric heating as there are sometimes days when there is little sunlight. When averaged over a year, a correctly sized solar system can provide 60%-70% of a household’s hot water needs. Providing more than this is unadvisable, as too much heat will be pr3oduced in the summer. The hot water system system can easily be automated so hot water is guaranteed regardless of sunlight levels.

6) How long will it take to recoup my investment?
Ans: Solar tube collectors are much more affordable than many other solar hot water heaters. For a household of 4, the price of a full system may not be too much more than a new electric or gas system. Depending on you location (solar levels) and current hot water usage the annual electricity or gas saving will differ. However in a normal household that spends 25% of its electricity bill on hot water heating, the full cost of the purchase may be recouped as quickly as 4-5 years in reduced bills. You will definitely make considerable savings during the life of the solar hot water heater.

7) Can solar tube collectors be used in cold conditions?
Ans. Yes. collectors can be used in temperatures as low as -30oC, although performance is greatly reduced in such extreme conditions. Good heat output is still achieved in mild sub-zero conditions.
8) What happens if one of the solar tubes is broken?
Ans. Firstly, tubes are very strong and not easily broken, but if the worst should happen, solar tubes can be replaced very easily. They are inexpensive and available thoughyour local Distributors. The solar collectors can operate with several broken tubes, but the efficiency will be reduced, so it is recommended that broken tubes be replaced immediately.
9) Will water be heated on a cloudy day?
Ans. Yes. Although the heat output of the solar collector is reduced on overcast days it will still be able to provide heating. If it is a heavily clouded day or raining, then more gas or electric boosting may be required to maintain water at the required temperature. This system will be automated so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water on a rainy day.

10) Can solar tube collectors be mounted on a flat surface?
Ans. Yes they may be mounted on a flat roof, or on the ground by using a stainless steel Flat RoofFrame. The collector should be installed at a minimum of 20o angle to ensure optimal heat pipe operation.

Example for Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI (Return On Investment)

With SWH With SWH
Product CPU Qty Amount Product Qty Amount
Initial Cost
Electric Geaser
5,000.00 2 10,000.00 Initial Cost
Solar Water Heater
1 11,000.00
Recurring Cost
Electrical Bill (Considering
each Geyser “ON” for 1/2 an hour)
Total unitsconsumed = 1/2 x 4 =
2KWh = 2 UnitCPU = Rs. 5.50 /
day 5.50 x 30 x 2 = 330/month
Considering in a year 10 months
where we use Geyser330x10 = 3300/year
3,300.00 Recurring Cost

Considering in a
non-sunny days
= 60 days
Electrical Bill
= Rs. 5.50/day
5.50×60 =330
=330 x 2 = Rs.660/-

Total 13,300.00 12,160.00


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