Wall Mounted RO Water Purifier – DCLWMRO


Wall Mounted RO Water Purifier – DCLWMRO

  • India’s only;  7 multi stage water filtration system with Korean technology.
  • Natural mineral water pot
  • 15L container capacity
  • Rust proof ABS/PP food grade plastic
  • GMP products
  • Supports borewell, tanker and municipal water
  • Free and zero maintenance
  • No running water, No over head tank and No electric power required


1.Ceramic filter: Highly compressed ceramic diatom

Filters and Removers dirt solids, Bacteria’s and Amoeba

  • Freedom from Typhoid, cholera and Amoebiasis

Mineral stones: Germanium (330-600 mts below sea level from Korean Island)

  • Promotes cancer prevention
  • Absorbs and removes – Heavy metals, Toxins, Odor & Impurities
  • Oxygenate the water & balance the PH
  • Releases 20 different kinds of ionized minerals.

Activated carbon

  • Removes chlorine, THMs, Organic chemicals, unpleasant odor and colors
    THMS- Trihalomethanes (Causes Bladder and colon cancer, adverse pregnancy, miss carriage, birth defects and low birth weight )
  • Provides crystal clear mineral water

Silica sand

  • Removes acidic components to balance PH


  • Removes poisonous and toxic heavy metals viz mercury, lead etc.,

Mineral Sand

  • Releases basic minerals & helps balance PH

Magnetic Tap:

  • Removes Scaling& Chemicals
  • Reduces Hardness of Water & improves taste
  • Improves Bioactivity & Bio availability
  • Improves Blood Circulation

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 120 mm
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