SURAKSHAGREEN – Bed disinfectants


SURAKSHAGREEN – Bed disinfectants

Botanical based new Bed Disinfectant Suraksha Green prevents Silkworm Diseases like Muscardine and Aspergillosis. Take Suraksha Green in a thin cloth and dust uniformly over silkworm body and rearing Bed after a moult and before feeding as per the schedule and quantity given in the table and feed silkworms 30 minutes after dusting.

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Technical Specification:

Rearing Method Empty Tray/Rack Out of First Moult (grams) Out of 2nd Moult (grams) Out of 3rd Moult (grams) Out of 4th Moult (grams) 3rd Day after 5th Stage (grams) 5th or 6th Day after 5th Stage (grams) Total Quantity (grams)
Tray Rearing Method 20 50 150 300 600 1280 1600 40000
Tray Rearing Method 20 50 150 550 1000 1850 2380 60000
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