Chlorofect Plus


Chlorofect Plus

Disinfection of CHLOROFECT PLUS for Sericulture Rearing House



  • Chlorofect Plus is chlorine-based broad-spectrum germicide in liquid form with a pleasant smell.
  • Chlorofect Plus is a unique composition of chemicals and is effective against all pathogens causing diseases like Grasserie, Kenchu, Flacherie, Pebrine, White and Green Muscardine, and Aspergillosis in silkworm.
  • Chlorofect Plus mixes completely in water and can be used immediately after dilution.
  • Chlorofect Plus is a contact type disinfectant suitable for both open and closed types of rearing houses and can be used during all seasons in the recommended dosage.
  • Shelf life of Chlorofect Plus is one year.
  • Chlorofect Plus dilution is 1:80 (One ltr of Chlorofect Plus is diluted in 80 lts of water).
  • Chlorofect Plus is non-irritant, user friendly, cost-effective, and less corrosive.
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